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"A more comfortable, controlled environment"

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Evan and Rick Wittenberg run Wittenberg Poultry, in Nova Scotia, Canada. The farm has five houses with a total of 100,000 birds per cycle. One of the houses is equipped with a DACS ventilation system.

”Four years back we started looking for a different and more efficient ventilation system for the new barn we wanted to build. At that time, we had four cross-ventilated barns but those systems are inefficient and challenged at certain times of the year so we wanted something better. No matter how long we searched on the internet we always came back to the DACS web site. The functionality of the system was just so much different and something we had to investigate further so in December 2018 we went to England to see DACS ventilation systems in operation,” says Evan.

Well spread birds

”When we first entered a DACS barn we immediately noticed the good air quality and the constant air movement throughout the barn that the DACS ventilation system created. The litter was dry and birds were evenly spread so we knew that the air passing into the barn via the DACS ventilation system had a positive effect on the climate and the well-being of the birds,” Rick adds.

No further adjustments needed

”What we saw in England is what we see in our DACS barn here in Nova Scotia. Weather conditions here are challenging but in the DACS barn we have a completely trouble-free operation year-round. We see a more comfortable, controlled environment and the temperature is much more even in this barn. A good indication of the consistent temperature is how evenly the birds spread out shortly after placing them. Depending on the quality of the chicks I only do minor adjustments of the temperature the first few days but thereafter no further adjustments are needed,” Evan explains.

Saves a bunch of heat

”Via the constant mechanical mixing of warm room air with cooler air from outside the DACS ventilation system saves a lot of heat. This is very important but what is even more important to us is that the system ensures a perfectly ventilated barn year-round. That is also why we have decided to retrofit one of our existing barns with yet another DACS system,” Rick concludes.

Evan and Rick Wittenberg
Evan and Rick Wittenberg

Evan and Rick Wittenberg run Wittenberg Poultry, in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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