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Protection milking robot

Housing dairy barn Netherlands

For the housing of a milking robot in the north of the Netherlands, a nice cooperation took place between Hollema Bouw and Combiboard. Lely supplied the milking robot in this barn and Combiboard Zeta was used for the housing.

Zeta panels protect the milking robot. Zeta 333 x 175 panels were used in this barn. Filling the panels with concrete creates a strong wall. The PVC exterior ensures ease of cleaning, which contributes to hygiene in the barn. Thirdly, the milking robot is protected against fire. The Zeta panels have been awarded fire class B, s2, d0. This means, among other things, that the panels are very difficult to burn. In short: the farmer is relieved and can enjoy his new milking robot for the coming years!

Protection milking robot


  • Bruchterweg, 7772 Hardenberg, Netherlands
  • Combiboard

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