BSK company is proudly launching a new Air berry harvester - KOKAN 500l

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No matter if you are a small, medium-sized, or large berry grower company, our new KOKAN 500l harvester is a long-term solution for all your needs

BSK company is announcing the launch of our new Air berry harvester, KOKAN 500l.

Our new harvester is the upgraded lite version of BSK’s previous model - 500s. KOKAN 500l is easier to use and maintain, and also offers better performance during the harvesting process. KOKAN 500l provides the quality of harvested fruit at the level of handpicking.

The new Air berry harvester KOKAN 500l is a proven solution for harvesting blueberries for the fresh market, but it is also a multi-functional model that can harvest all types of berries, including raspberries, haskap, blackberries, black currants.

Reliable solutions for every fruit grower

No matter if you are a small, medium-sized, or large berry grower company, our new KOKAN 500l harvester is a long-term solution for all your needs during the harvesting season.

We know all your pain points and daily challenges when it comes to growing such delicate fruit as berries. We focused on solving all of them with only one machine - our KOKAN 500l Air berry harvester.

Are you tired of managing a large number of seasonal workers?

If you are a medium-sized berry grower, or even a large one, managing seasonal workers or even finding a qualified workforce can sometimes present an insurmountable challenge. Our KOKAN 500l harvester can replace up to 200 workers and with such an automated process, you can save time and finances.

Do you want to avoid high losses due to unharvested fruit?

Losses in fruit growing due to unharvested berries are one of the biggest setbacks in this industry. It can happen to anybody due to innumerable reasons; poor weather conditions, lack of workers, other financial difficulties, spacious fields or greenhouses, and unoptimized organization.

The solution? KOKAN 500l Air berry harvester. This harvester is an investment in the future of your business. With the force of 200 workers, the ability to work at night, after a light rain, or in the morning dew, and such performance that is exceptional no matter if it is in greenhouses, on open fields, or under the anti-hail net, KOKAN 500l is the ultimate alternative to manual harvesting.

Do you want to overcome your current organizational challenges?

If you are a large corporation, making plans for the transition from manual to mechanized harvesting, our harvesters are reliable machines that tick numerous boxes, from the excellent quality of harvested fruit to reduced unexpected costs when it comes to maintenance.

With an increased dry matter content of up to 50% over handpicking, with no physical contact with human hands and thus meeting the Food Safety Standards (HACCP), this harvester secures increased yield and less than 1% of bruised fruit. Thanks to the harvesting components which include unique air technology and soft grip technology, our harvesters provide efficient harvesting without affecting the fruit or the plant.

Switch to tractor Cardan shaft for improved performance

What makes the new model different at the first glance is the startup mode - now it includes a tractor Cardan shaft, while the previous model runs on a diesel engine. The harvester is towed by a tractor and connected to the Cardan shaft, while the power of the tractor starts the fans, which then enables the contactless berry harvesting by air.

For the efficient functioning of the 500l Air berry harvester, it is necessary to provide a fruit tractor with a minimum power of 80 horsepower.

Without a diesel engine, the new harvester 500l is one ton lighter than its predecessor, has hydraulics that is easier to manoeuvre, and also reduces the possibility of breakdowns during the harvesting season.

Since it does not have a diesel engine, it creates less vibration, noise, and heat and provides workers with a more pleasant experience during use.

Forces of nature combined with innovative technology

We incorporated the best characteristics from our previous harvester, but we simplified the work process and enabled fruit growers to harvest efficiently with less financial investment, easier use, and reduced maintenance costs by up to 50% compared to our previous model, 500s.

The new Air berry harvester 500l offers excellent performance when it comes to picking berries. With our new improved model it is possible to harvest up to 4 hectares in one day, and also the capacity is 1 ton of fruit per working hour.

Our Air berry harvester has integrated KOKAN technology, which consists of Air harvesting technology, Pneumatic pillows, and the new additional component - Slappers.

Our world patent-protected air harvesting technology imitates storms with pulsating air jets of controlled velocity and frequency. At the same time, the pneumatic pillows are collecting fruit. These pillows are made of a special kind of rubber that is air-filled and that absorbs the energy of dropped berries, thus eliminating bruises.

Last but not least, our harvesting technology has been improved with a new component - Slappers, which enable higher productivity of picking up to 3 times. They also increase the force and speed of harvesting when needed, for example when cleaning plants.

The parameters of the harvesting technology are all set on the control panel, which allows independent adjustment of each component according to the conditions in the orchard, the type of berry, and also depending on the period of the harvesting season.

Our harvester can work during the full duration of the season since it harvests mature fruits only - KOKAN technology is based on the difference between the bond strength of green and ripe fruit, and not on the principle of colour as in handpicking.

BSK company is proudly launching a new Air berry harvester - KOKAN 500l