Hats off to the lovely Asoe staff

Asoe Hose Manufacturing Inc
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The excellent performance of Asoe in the epidemic.

Adversity is the essence of success. Since the outbreak of the new round of epidemic, all employees of Asoe have been sticking to their posts, actively participating in epidemic prevention and control, and actively organizing production and logistics, overcoming difficulties and achieving growth against the trend. Let's pay tribute to our lovely staff.

Asoe staff to do a good job of protection, never slack off. In strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, foreign containers were eliminated and shipped with all efforts, regardless of the wind and rain. Asoe staff successfully resisted this risk. After this risk, Asoe employees formed a strong cohesion, sales increased by 50%, and submitted a good sales performance.

On-time delivery under the epidemic
On-time delivery under the epidemic

Asoe employees insist on delivering goods on time under the epidemic

Asoe employees

Happy birthday to all Asoe employees who celebrate their birthdays in April and May.

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