Liquid Manure Hose System of Asoe accounts for "half of the world" in the global market

Asoe Hose Manufacturing Inc
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Asoe liquid manure hose system

Taizhou News made an exclusive report on Liquid Manure Hose System of Asoe on April 22.

“Is it Asoe? I'm a dairy farmer in Shanxi, and I’d like to buy a manure hose system from you." "I'm in Tianjin. I’d like to buy your company's liquid manure hose system. What's the price?" Mr. Shi, general manager of Asoe Hose Manufacturing Inc., frequently received phone inquiries. "It's all about the Liquid Manure Hose System of Asoe." He said, "We hardly need to go out to promote this product now. More and more new customers come to the door actively through word of mouth, and the orders are very sufficient."

Asoe has become the "Shining Star" in the liquid manure drag hose segment - its products account for more than 50% of the global market share, and its market share in the United States and Canada is even as high as 70%. "This kind of hose solution is new in China, but it quickly meets domestic needs. We are participating in the formulation of relevant domestic technical regulations, industry standards and national standards." Mr. Shi revealed that with the further expansion of production and sales, the company's sales are expected to double from last year.

Why is Asoe drag hose system able to occupy such a high share in the global market? Where is the "mystery" of this drag hose?

It turns out that the drag hoses are used in a moving state, not stationary. Its working environment is very harsh. There are not only sand and gravel, but also very sharp plant stubble on the ground, so it must be very abrasion-resistant and puncture-resistant. In addition, the hoses are generally several hundred meters long, sometimes up to 800 meters long, are very heavy when filled with liquid manure, and must be able to withstand at least a tensile force of up to 30 tons.

The Asoe project team started with raw materials and chose more tough and puncture-resistant raw materials to make the hoses more abrasion-resistant. To optimize the hsoe structure, enhance the adhesion between the composite layers, and improve the peel strength of the outer layer. To adjust the weaving process to improve the overall tensile strength.

The high-quality drag hose has gained a firm foothold in the American market with high demand and high requirements. Many farms know that Asoe, which produces high-quality drag hoses, is a "Made in China" brand in Taizhou city. Immediately after that, Asoe attacked the market in Canada, Russia, Australia and other countries, and soon occupied "half of the market" of the global market.

Asoe turned its attention to the domestic market after that.

China is accelerating the modernization of agriculture at present, and the development of green agriculture is an important part of it. All localities are vigorously promoting the resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure, encouraging the use of organic fertilizer resources such as livestock and poultry manure, and reducing the use of chemical fertilizers to improve soil fertility while protecting the environment.

This is an extremely important period of development opportunities, and there is a huge potential demand in the domestic market. Asoe has developed equipment such as pumps, supply hoses, drag hoses, hose reel system, manure spraying equipment, liquid manure mixing equipment etc., forming a complete set of liquid manure hose system. Different versions of complete sets of equipment can be designed and supplied according to the characteristics of different regions and on-site environment, so that large, medium and small farmers have suitable solutions.

“We have customized manure return solutions for pig farms, dairy farmers and manure treatment contractors now, and then use our full range of equipment to pump liquid manure from tanks to the field over long distances , and then use the tractor with the spraying equipment to drag the hose to spray evenly in the field, so that the liquid manure is directly converted into green organic fertilizer." Mr. Shi said.

Asoe’s liquid manure hose system has been applied in Hebei, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang and other places at present, and has applied for 10 patents, of which 4 are invention patents.

PU drag hose Manureflow Drag
PU drag hose Manureflow Drag

Asoe drag hoses offer slurry spreading in the field

Package of PU drag hose Manureflow Drag

Asoe PU drag hose Manureflow Drag packed with pallet, ready for delivery

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