REBO Landmaschinen GmbH unveils worlds first armored tractor


REBO Landmaschinen GmbH unveiled the world’s first armored tractor at the Agritechnica show in Hanover

At this years Agritechnica show REBO Landmaschinen GmbH showcased their armored ReboRack tractor to attendees. Farming on mine-contaminated land is possible !

The ReboRack tractor has been designed to work in military training areas and in contaminated areas where landmines are hidden under the soils surface. The fully armored tractor protects the driver from fragments and projectiles with its heated bulletproof glass windows. In addition, the entire underbody is equipped with armored steel. The tractor's cabin and frame passed NATO standards for explosive protection without undermining the drivers field of view or comfort.

The ReboRack is based off the John Deere 6R series tractor and has been designed in cooperation with Rheinmetall Defence which is an auto-parts supplier and military technology group based in Düsseldorf.

REBO Landmaschinen GmbH unveils worlds first armored tractor