Oasis Introduces New Biodegradable Paper Wrap for Plant Propagation

Brian Sparks
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Distributed by OASIS® Grower Solutions Paper Wrap for Plant Propagation Media for young plant production

Oasis Grower Solutions recently introduced its new PlantPaper, a 100% biodegradable paper wrap for plant propagation media for young plant production.

PlantPaper is an all-natural, bio-based, wrap media that contains no glue and does not leave any chemical residues. It can be used with most paper pot machines and works well for slow-to-root cultivars. The expected biodegradation of PlantPaper averages 12 months, depending on the environment.

Ideal for stabilized media and used with ready-to-stick propagation media for young plants, the Oasis Grower Solutions PlantPaper is available in plug diameters ranging from 20 to 80 millimeters.

Due to its proprietary construction, PlantPaper self-glues, alleviating the need for chemical glues. The sealing temperature for the paper is between 239°F and 284°F, depending on equipment type, production speeds, and run sizes.

“PlantPaper is unique in the industry because of its biodegradable qualities,” says Jeff Naymik, Global Marketing Manager for Oasis Grower Solutions. “The Oasis PlantPaper is reinforced with fiber made of fully biodegradable corn, rather than plastic fibers made from oil that will not decompose.”

Oasis Introduces New Biodegradable Paper Wrap for Plant Propagation