Invasive Plants in UK

Amy Chatwood
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A guide to what they are and how to deal with them

Invasive plants, or ‘alien’ plant invasions, are an ongoing serious problem for rural areas in the UK. The National Trust properties have a history of discovering and dealing with these plants.

Types of invasive plant found in the UK

> Japanese knotweed

> Rhododendron

> Himalayan balsam

> Floating pennywort

> American skunk cabbage

These are just some of the type of plants that have been causing issues across the UK. They are often strong and aggressive in the growth and seeding, so indigenous plants in the area don’t stand a chance to succeed. The spread of these invasive plants can alter the eco system of an area and can even damage the foundations for trees and the soil composition along rivers.

Experts fear the impact could be worse than that of global warming.

Floating Pennywort
Floating Pennywort