PickPuck awarded two Innov'SPACE innovation stars

Big Dutchman AG

Big Dutchman innovations on display at SPACE 2017

Big Dutchman looks forward to introducing several innovations at this year’s SPACE. One of these is the pendulum PickPuck for barn and free-range egg production. A jury, consisting of well-known specialists of several French technological and agricultural institutes as well as journalists from national trade magazines, awarded PickPuck two Innov'Space innovation stars.

The aim of this newly developed product is to enhance animal welfare by using the birds’ natural beviour of searching for feed. This keeps the birds occupied since the innovation remains permanently interesting. PickPuck is available in the litter area 24 hours a day. Using it permanently also wears down the layers’ beaks and promotes their natural scratching behaviour.

The pendulum consists of a swinging plate with a coarse surface and is suspended below a drop pipe containing an attractive feed such as wheat. When a hen picks onto the plate or nudges it from the side, this movement dispenses a small amount of feed that the hens can then ingest.

Also on display will be MaleChain for broiler breeder management, the world’s first chain feeding system exclusively developed for males. It consists of one entire chain circuit in a single trough – that is why it does not require much space. Because of the sharp-edged and moving chain, MaleChain is ideal for males with untrimmed beaks. It wears down males’ beaks in a natural manner.

Hall 10, E110

PickPuck awarded two Innov'SPACE innovation stars

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